9 Ways to Be Safe On a Hoverboard

Hoverboards have two pressure-sensitive foot pads that control your speed and allow you to steer with your feet. Hoverboards have become the new thing amongst youth and it’s considered the hottest toy one can play with. However, various reports have shown how hoverboards have been exploding causing fire in homes and destroying homes leaving various people homeless. Therefore with the rise in demand for hoverboards so is the safety of owning a hoverboard an issue.

However as fun as these two- wheeled scooters can be, there are reports that show how dangerous they can be and with that one has to learn the safety measures while using a hoverboard. Therefore, here are 9 ways one can be safe with a hoverboard:

1. Buy a hoverboard from a retailer you trust, most people end up buying hoverboards from sites that are not trustworthy and know nothing about the products thus end up owning a products that are not safe.

2. Proper safety gear is a must while riding; one needs to be equipped with a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. This will lower your risk of fractures, sprains and other injuries if one falls.

3. Learn how to get on and off the hoverboard; many people want to experience the thrill therefore end up jumping into the hoverboard which is dangerous. One needs to apply pressure on the hoverboard with one foot then step up with the other foot. If that is hard one can hold onto something before climbing so as to maintain their balance. While getting off do it slowly and disembark by stepping back, most people try getting off by stepping forward and that’s why many end up falling.

4. For beginners one needs to start riding indoors so as to learn how to balance their weight with the shift of that weight and also know the directions one has to take while scooting. Starting to ride indoors is best for practice so one can get the hang of the hoverboard, also avoid a place that has things one can crash into.

5. Avoid looking down while riding as that may cause accidents therefore one needs to look straight while riding so as to know when to stop incase something suddenly appears.

6. One should avoid trying to fly while on hoverboards as they are different from skateboards, ones feet need to remain on the ground so as to avoid injuries that maybe caused by a fall.

7. Avoid overcharging the hoverboard; one should not overcharge their hoverboards as that may cause a fire or an explosion while one is riding it. The batteries being charged can malfunction at anytime thus the explosion or fire after overcharging.

8. Calibrate your hoverboard, one has to test the wheels of the hoverboard before gliding by pressing their hands with the foot pad and if the if the wheel is spinning and it’s not shaking on you, that means its calibrated and ready to ride.

9. One should fully focus while on the hoverboard and not try using their phones or other gadgets while riding so as to avoid accidents.

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