9 Ways to Be Safe On a Hoverboard

Hoverboards have two pressure-sensitive foot pads that control your speed and allow you to steer with your feet. Hoverboards have become the new thing amongst youth and it’s considered the hottest toy one can play with. However, various reports have shown how hoverboards have been exploding causing fire in homes and destroying homes leaving various […]

Chicago IT Company Offers Great Help to Businesses

Reliability. Trust. Security. These three terms are of most significance regarding the matter of an office domain. SolveMyPC in Chicago has the correct apparatuses and experience to support the greater part of your office needs and wants. Regardless of the extent of our customers, each office big or small, gets that same excellent support SolveMyPC […]

Google fails to dismiss privacy lawsuit over Google Wallet

According to Reuters – A federal judge has rejected Google Inc’s request to dismiss a lawsuit accusing the technology company of invading the privacy of users of its Google Wallet electronic payment service by sharing their personal information with outside app developers. In a decision on Wednesday night, U.S. District Judge Beth Labson Freeman in […]

Obama Lays Down the Internet Law

President Barack Obama is taking aim at “malicious cyber actors” who try to benefit from digital attacks on United States interests. An executive order revealed Wednesday authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of State and Attorney general of the united states to enforce sanctions on cyberattackers hacking into the networks of US companies or […]